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  • • Maximum safety

    • Lockable head and foot boards

    • Auto-regression system on MCare bed has significant protection against to pressure ulcers

    • Full cover side rails provide more safety for patients

  • • Quick and easy maneuver capability

    • Easily detachable head and foot board to reach patient in case of emergency

    • Lockable functions on control panel for unauthorized use

  • • Robust and long-lasting product

    • Quick and easy troubleshooting for technical issues

  • MESPA's new generation Intensive Care and Nursing Bed MCare combines modern technology, highest comfort and excellent hygiene with its unique design.

  • The Best! The Newest!
Side Rail
Side Rail

Side rails are equipped with high-tech mechanism supported by gas spring, which provides quick and comfortable use besides working in silence.

Side Rail
Side Rail

Thanks to new side rails that have the best ergonomical design in order to provide ease of use for patients and hospital staff.


To help patient exit the bed, thanks to both control panels and holding bars on the side rails, the bed can be adjusted to bed exit position.

Control Panels
Control Panels

Integrated control panels on side rails provide comfortable use for patients and care givers.

  • Countless Innovations
  • X-Ray
    Casette Holder
  • X-Ray casette holder located at backrest of the bed enables care givers to handle X-Ray procedure fast without moving patients out of the bed.

  • Minimum and
    Maximum Height
  • Hospital beds at minimum height reduce the injuries due to fall out of beds. MCare is capable of performing minimum height down to 34,5 cm safely. Minimum height of 34.5 cm can reduce the risk of injuries tremendously.

  • Detachable Foot
    and Head Boards
  • Detachable foot and head boards have a locking system to prevent any accident from happening and provide more safety to patients.

  • Bed
  • Thanks to bed extension option, it gives opportunity to patients who need more space.

    When activated, provides 20 cm extra longer space.

  • Auto
  • MCare, is equipped with an auto-regression system to maximize comfort during recovery. During the cardiac or similar positions, the bed is designed to automatically provide the patient with a more comfortable position to prevent abdominal muscle aches and skin irritations.

    Auto-regression system on MCare bed has significant protection against to pressure ulcers. Thanks to MCare’s high-tech designing, pelvic area can be increased up to 14.5 cm, to provide patients with more comfort and tless pressure.

  • Central
    Lockable Castors
  • With 3-level central lockable castors, there is enhanced functionality while swivel and central lock modes respond to staffs needs of mobility.